Brilliant Boutique, an adventure in fashionBrilliant Boutique women's clothing and designer fashions for all sizes
An adventure into the world of wearable art garments

Brilliant Boutique is a world's first Showcase of unique Australian hand painted and tailored,
wearable art garments.
Every classically designed piece is an inimitable original, meticulously coutured from hand
painted lengths of pure Merino fine knit wool, pure woven wool, pure silk, deep pile velvet,
and Devore velvet.

While in the Boutique, use your arrow keys or the Play, Pause, Forward, and Back buttons to control the Show, or just let it roll for an entertaining Cinematic experience.
When a garment strikes you, click on its image to be taken to that garment's dedicated video gallery at the Brilliant Silk or Wool website.

So please, sit back and enjoy the Show!